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Are you an ambitious and hard-working frum woman looking for a flexible, well-paying, and fulfilling career?

Join this FREE EXCLUSIVE webinar and discover why digital marketing may be the perfect career for you


This information-packed interview will cover:

  • What digital marketers actually do 
  • The exact type of person that will excel at digital marketing (hint: it’s not what you think)
  • Accurate earning potential based on Shaina Keren’s in-depth knowledge of the current job market 
  • How you can become a skilled digital marketer in 15 weeks - even if you have ZERO experience or qualifications
  • The 5 reasons it’s the perfect career for almost any frum woman looking for work-life balance and great earning potential


  • Live Q&A with Danny & Shaina to get your questions answers
  • Live panel with recent graduates of ODEO Academy’s frum women’s track who have found a fulfilling and flexible career in digital marketing 


"I started out in education but it wasn’t for me. Now, I have the confidence and the experience. After Danny’s course, I got a job at the Jewish Children’s Museum. Everyone around me noticed that I was much happier, light-hearted, and I was excited to go to work. I am happier and more fulfilled. I love that through my work I’m able to express certain feelings to the world.”

Chayale, Marketing Coordinator of the Jewish Children’s Museum (Brooklyn)


About Shaina:

As one of the most successful career coaches in the frum world, Shaina Keren helps people figure out what kind of work they will enjoy and succeed at, and how to make that a reality. She’s a regular Mishpacha columnist, the founder of the Career Channel, and a sought-after podcast guest known for her deep knowledge of how to successfully navigate the job market. 

About Danny:

Danny Gavin is a prominent digital marketing expert and educator. He’s the founder of Optidge Digital Marketing agency. He’s also one of the University of Houston’s most popular professors where he teaches digital marketing to MBA students and the founder of ODEO Academy which is the only online comprehensive digital marketing course with an exclusive women’s track.


Sounds interesting?

It is more than interesting. 

This webinar could be the door to the financially secure future you've been dreaming of - while doing something you love.


(Limited slots. Replay will be available)